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June 2013

July 2014 Issue

  • Hamid - the Testimony of a Disciple
  • A Disciple? Read the Manual!
  • Mentoring: a Pastor’s Experience
  • Jesus: the Disciple Maker
  • Discipleship in Older Age
  • Not Good Enough?
  • Reflections on a Visit to Israel
  • Revival?
  • Previous Issues


What is Grace Magazine

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The magazine for churches and individuals holding to the doctrines of grace as set out in the London Baptist Confession of 1689

Grace is a relevant and stimulating magazine for ‘ordinary’ thinking Christians. Though it mainly serves the Grace Baptist churches in the UK, the magazine also circulates to other like-minded churches and subscribers here and overseas.

The magazine is published monthly except for a combined August/September issue. It contains articles on doctrinal, devotional, historical and other topics; book reviews; news of UK churches and overseas mission; reports on events.

Subscribers will also receive the annual Grace Magazine Directory of Churches with the January issue.